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Foz do Iguaçu is characterized by its cultural diversity.  The citizens of the city are natives of over 80 nationalities. It is located in the south of Brazil, in a prime spot on the triple border between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The basis of the city's economy is tourism, especially in trade and services. According to a research conducted by the Brazilian Tourism Institute (Embratur) and the Economic Research Institute Foundation (FIPE), in the period 2004-2011, Foz do Iguaçu was considered in the segment "Leisure" the 2nd most visited destination of Brazil by foreign tourists, behind Rio de Janeiro.


  • Applied Social Sciences – CCSA

Accounting (undergraduate)
Business Administration (undergraduate)
Hotel & Hospitality (undergraduate)
Law (undergraduate)
Tourism (undergraduate)

  • Education, Linguistics and Health – CELS

Education (undergraduate)
Languages and Literature - English (undergraduate)
Languages and Literature - Spanish (undergraduate)
Teaching (MSc)
Nursery (undergraduate)
Public Health in Frontiers (MSc)
Society, Culture and Frontiers (MSc and PhD)

  • Engineering and Exact Sciences – CECE

Computer Science (undergraduate)
Electrical Engineering (undergraduate)
Mechanical Engineering (undergraduate)
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (MSc)
Technologies, Management and Sustainability (MSc)
Mathematics (undergraduate)

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