International Cooperation

The International Office aims towards strengthening the cooperation of the university as a whole. Unioeste has a specialized department, which is engaged in the maximization of the interinstitutional cooperation at all levels, throughout the undergraduate programs, graduate programs, research, innovation and outreach. Its purpose is to create a multicultural environment on our campuses on the one hand, with the world's best universities in North America and Europe, and on the other, consolidating its positing as a reference institution in Latin America.

Strategies to maximize inter-institutional and international relations Unioeste:

The commitment of the International Office is to maximize the utility of the inter-institutional and international relations of Unioeste by:

a) stimulating inter-institutional and international cooperation through representation in networks and other forms of association between different levels of the university;

b) coordinating with the different levels and units to promote a multicultural environment at the university as a whole;

c) developing research and outreach projects intended towards the improvement of internationalization practices of the institution abroad and at home;

d) promoting the academic mobility of students, faculty and university staff;

e) hosting international visitors and socializing events organized between different courses, programs and campuses;

f) disclosing the institution abroad in order to recruit academics and researchers, enhancing the institutional reputation;

g) divulging the university through its official informative Western Paraná Herald;

h) instigating the realization of extension and education courses in foreign languages;

i) consolidating and promoting the institutionalization, in a decentralized manner, of the specialized services and routines related to inter-institutional and international relations on the various units;

j) improving the positive experiences of inter-institutional and international cooperation, enhancing the recognition of Unioeste in the world.


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